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Soaps, Detergents and Household Chemicals

The household chemicals industry has come under intense scrutiny over the last 30 years. Growing public awareness of environmental and public health concerns has meant that pressure has risen on manufacturers and traders to focus on minimizing environmental impact and reducing the impact of packaging on waste management. There has also been an increase in pressure to safeguard the safety of the vulnerable consumers, such as children.

Manufacturers and traders in household chemicals continue to be faced with not only regulatory oversight, but the need to operate within a changing landscape where consumers demand clearer product information and labeling, better product marking and safer packaging.

SGS offers a full range of supply chain monitoring, inspection and testing services to help our partners address these needs efficiently and with minimal disruption to the trade processes. We can also help you to implement time-efficient, effective risk management through quality monitoring and product evolution.

Household chemicals are highly regulated, sophisticated products supplied into a very competitive and increasingly skeptical market. SGS is a trusted partner for when you need to ensure product integrity, helping you to establish regulatory compliance and product conformance.

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