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CSC Steel is the first iron and steel company in Malaysia to have obtained this certification and is also the first ISO 50001:2011 certificate issued by SGS Malaysia. An ISO 50001:2011 certificate award ceremony was held on 12th March, 2013, and attended by Y.B. Datuk Wira Haji Abdul Ghafar bin Atan, Melaka State Executive Chairman for Industrial, Trade, Entrepreneur Development & Cooperative, Mr Chen High Pinn, Managing Director for CSC Steel Malaysia and Mr Cresenciano Maramot, Managing Director of SGS Malaysia and Singapore.

CSC Steel spent a year to fully establish and integrate the tenets of ISO 50001:2011 into their daily operations with great support from all levels of the company. “With the latest addition of ISO 50001 into our ISO management systems, we are almost covered in all key areas including quality and environment. Nonetheless, we are committed to continuously improving our company’s energy efficiency by using energy sources more efficiently, thereby reducing our energy consumption and minimizing our products’ impact to the environment,” said Mr. Chen High Pinn, Managing Director for CSC Steel Sdn Bhd. He added, “We remain committed to our key focuses for environmental protection and energy efficiency, in line with our parent company China Steel Corporation’s dedication to corporate sustainability. And we believe that with the guidance of a professional certification body like SGS Malaysia, we could strive further in achieving our goals and significantly improving energy sustainability as a whole.”

With the energy management system certification gaining more attention from global players, ISO 50001 is poised as the next highlight after ISO 9001, the quality management system and ISO 14001, the environmental management system. Getting verified will become prerequisite for a company’s international competitiveness. “We would like to congratulate CSC Steel on their completion of the ISO 50001 certification and achieving their objective in maximizing energy efficiency, reducing energy cost and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions,” says Cresenciano Maramot, Managing Director, SGS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. “What CSC Steel has achieved is to be honored as they are also the first ISO 50001:2011 (IS) certificate issued by SGS Malaysia.”

About ISO 50001

The ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems standard is developed by the ISO/PC 242 energy management project committee of International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO 50001 specifies requirements for an organization to establish, implement, maintain and improve an energy management system, which enables an organization to take a systematic approach to achieve continual improvement of energy performance, energy efficiency and energy conservation. It helps organizations to manage energy supply and energy uses and consumption, including measurement, documentation and reporting, design and procurement practices for energy using equipment, systems, processes, and personnel. Implementation of the standard should lead to reductions in energy cost, greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts through systematic management of energy. ISO 50001 is anticipated to affect up to 60 percent of the world’s energy consumption and has the potential to become a global trade catalyst for industrial energy efficiency in the same way that ISO 9001 has become for quality.

ISO 50001 is an international framework for industrial, commercial or institutional facilities, or entire companies, to manage their energy, including procurement and use. It is applicable to all types and sizes of organizations irrespective of geographical, cultural or social conditions. Conformance with ISO 50001:2011 will demonstrate that a plant or company has sustainable Energy Management System in place, has completed a baseline of energy use, and has committed to continuously improve energy intensity.

To learn more about the requirements of Energy Management Systems certificate, please download a complimentary white paper by SGS from the Energy Management System Certification (White Paper) page.