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Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) training from SGS – a specialized LMW course for manufacturing and logistics professionals.

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In Malaysia, a Manufacturing Bonded Warehouse (MBW) is known as a Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) – established under the provision of section 65/65A of the Customs Act 1967. Designed for manufacturing and logistics employees, this course will enhance the knowledge and understanding of the concept, procedures, documentation, restrictions and new regulations for LMWs.

Why choose LMW training from SGS?

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand the concept, guidelines, rules and regulations related to LMWs
  • Understand the license application and renewal procedures for an LMW
  • Enhance knowledge of LMWs amongst the business community
  • Understand the rationale behind certain regulations and policies
  • Recognize other facilities granted to LMW holders with regards to the LMW license

Enhance your Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse knowledge with a world-leading training provider

As the world’s foremost certification, verification, inspection and testing organization, we offer in-depth knowledge in all aspects of LMWs.

This course covers:

  • Understanding LMWs
  • Requirements for LMWs
  • License application
  • Facility and incentives under LMW status
  • LMW activities
  • Custom documentation
  • International Procurement Centre (IPC)
  • LMW responsibilities

To find out more about our LMW training course, contact us today.