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Altitude simulation from SGS – test your engines and vehicles with precise altitude and ambient temperature simulations.

Highway in the dark

To analyze the performance and efficiency of your vehicles at altitude you need highly specialized testing in tightly controlled laboratory conditions. That’s where our patented Balancing Altitude Simulation Equipment (BASE™) can help. It is a modular air handling system that simulates different altitude and ambient temperature conditions to help you test your engines and vehicles in a laboratory environment.

Why choose altitude simulation from SGS?

BASE can help you

  • Test your engines and vehicles at different altitude and ambient temperature conditions
  • Simulate barometric pressures at sea level to 14,000 feet elevation, for combustion air temperatures ranging from -10 to 60°C
  • Conduct repeatable and accurate altitude testing in a highly controlled a laboratory environment

Accurate altitude simulation testing from the world’s leading provider

As the global leader in certification and testing services, we offer you unrivaled experience and expertise in all aspects of altitude simulation for vehicle testing.

With extensive correlation testing performed with several manufacturers showing equal results between various labs using BASE, you can be confident of precise test data.

To find out more about our altitude simulation services, contact us today.