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Cold testing from SGS – test anything from small components to heavy duty vehicles for performance, drivability, emissions and more.

Highway in the dark

Analyzing the performance of your vehicles, engines, systems and components under cold conditions is an essential part of the development and testing process. Our cold testing services allow you to test cold weather performance, without having to wait for cold weather.

Why choose cold testing from SGS?

We provide cold testing services for a wide variety of vehicles, engines and components, from multiple passenger cars and small components to heavy-duty commercial trucks and generator sets. We can conduct testing at sea level, altitude or anywhere in between.

We will help you to:

  • Determine vehicle or engine cold start performance
  • Accurately test a range of vehicles, engines and components, including multiple passenger cars, heavy-duty commercial trucks and generator sets
  • Conduct cold testing in conditions of –40°F (-40°C) and above
  • Conduct high altitude testing at a range of temperatures
  • Test large and heavy-duty vehicles and engines in cold chambers capable of continuous running at rated conditions on applications up to 4000BHP at -20°F 

Our cold testing services include:

  • Emissions testing
  • Cold start drivability testing for vehicles
  • Cold start testing for engines
  • Cold performance testing
  • Thermal performance profiling
  • Cold mechanical development
  • Thermal modeling verification
  • Current product troubleshooting
  • Cold procedure verification
  • Thermal protection and enhancement testing
  • Durability testing 
  • Fast ramp thermal cycling, up to 10°C per minute
  • Thermal shock testing

Our team of experienced testing engineers will help you meet your cold testing needs from our network of vehicle, engine and component testing laboratories in Colorado, Indiana and Michigan. We have large cold chambers that can test your engines, systems or vehicles under load, as well as various sized environmental and climactic chambers that can add cold testing to a number of component testing programs.

Trusted cold testing services from a world leader

As the global leader in certification and testing services, we offer you unrivaled experience and expertise in all aspects of cold testing. Our dedicated laboratories, cold chambers, cold cells and testing facilities include high altitude user facilities, cold soak deep thermal areas, large capacity cold rooms, SHEDs and more. They are equipped with: 

  • Extensive exhaust ventilation
  • Remote diesel smoke viewing systems 
  • Direct expansion refrigeration to achieve a variety of soak temperatures 
  • Remote temperature control

In addition to large cold cells at sea level, we offer high altitude cold chambers to support customers that perform vehicle development around the I-70 corridor in Colorado through the Rocky Mountains. We maintain a user facility with multiple secure bays for vehicle development. Located at an altitude of 9,100 feet (2,773 meters) above sea level, our bays can accommodate multiple light-duty or medium-duty passenger vehicles and are equipped with:

  • Climate control to maintain cold chamber temperatures from -22 to 80°F (-30 to 27°C)
  • Remote monitoring and remote control of cold cell temperatures
  • Secured facilities with video monitoring and keyed access

To find out more about our cold testing capabilities, contact us today.